About me

I was born in a little village in the south of Serbia, in the family of two elementary teachers, on the October 11th, 1981. I was only 10 when war in Yugoslavia started, and I suffered, along with my family consequences of it almost untill year 2000. But it never changed me and it never leaved me without hope and without incredible premonition and knowledge that my life is going to be full of adventures and wanders.

I studyed architecture and obtained the level of the master of architecture. But during my studies, I started to become more and more socialy and politicaly active, mainly because Iwas tired of living always in crisis and I really wanted to change my country.

I joined Liberal Democrats and become a fighter for human rights. I was kandidating for the parlament when one German foundation whit which I cooperated for years invited me to a big congress of liberal thinkers about worl financial crisis and there I met my husband Daniel. Daniel is Mexican and we fell helplessly in love, so I decided to give up my political career and come to Mexico. Questionable choice, but I was lucky enough never to regret it. I always knew my life is going to be full of adventures :). We got married, and I started ”La Rama Dorada”, small firm to buy and sell Mexican arts & crafts. I’m complitely inlove with my husband and Mexican culture and life style. Now I live in Mexico City.

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