Bewitched house in Morelia, Michoacán

Couple of years ago, my husband and me rented a beautiful house in Morelia, Michoacán to live in while he was working on a university project. I was very happy with the house in a street called Gertrudis Bocanegra, after a Mexican Independence heroine. Since than we always refereed to the house as “Bocanegra”, which is Spanish for “black mouth”.

House is specious and pretty as you can see on the pictures, which were taken on the same day we rented it. It always seemed shadowy and humid, though. i first thought it’s about morelian climate and rainy season. Soon enough I realized I’m afraid to be alone in the house which didn’t make any sense since I lived alone for many years.                  I had troubles sleeping, I felt uncomfortable and constantly had that spooky feeling which makes us look over our shoulder.

All members of my family experienced some strange events in the house, even before I mentioned anything because I didn’t wanted to scare anybody. My stepson mentioned one day that he doesn’t like the house. When I asked why, he said that he hears steps on the gallery, and that he thought he heard somebody calling him. He’s an adolescent and the one with vivid imagination‚ so at first we didn’t put too much attention to it.

However, although I NEVER believed i spirits, supernatural and so own, something inexplicable happen to me next month. I was making ready for the office one morning in front of the bathroom mirror in the master bedroom on the second floor (actually, exactly where that picture bellow is taken), when through the open door next to me, I saw what I thought is my husband, passing through the hallway. I turned around and said: “you’re dressed already?”, AND THERE WAS NO ONE THERE! I had that feeling when you miss the step and your foot just falls in the empty space. I even remember seeing yellow sweater which my husband had on that day.

The house has this enormous tree in the front yard (also on the picture bellow) and  sometimes I think that is where all the strange things come from. I guess trees have their own magnetic field around them, so maybe that’s why everybody felt weird in the house. Also that’s the reason why the house was so shady all the time.

We moved out two months later, because the plumbing was awful, and the house we rented afterwards was ok, nice and well… non hunted.

Bellow is the map, with the house circulated and the photos I took on the day that we moved there.



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